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There’s A Soap For That

Skin feeling dry, sensitive or oily? There’s a soap for that! Keep your skin feeling cleansed, nurtured & fresh with our Raising The Bar Natural Soap range.

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What’s in your Natural Soap?

Not all soaps are created equal. In fact, each Carrier Oil, Essential Oil, Butter, Clay and Mineral play a defining role in creating the characteristics of the soap. It’s the composition of these ingredients that determine the benefits your soap has to offer, along with how it feels and nurtures the skin.

Coffee Scrub Soap

Our Natural Soaps are:

Rich in Antioxidants, Minerals & Vitamins.
Antibacterial | Anti-inflammatory | Anti-septic.
Moisturising & Exfoliating.
Perfect for all types of skin including eczema & psoriasis.
Perfect for everyone in the family.
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Customer Love

It’s hard to put into words how gorgeous the Dirty Skincare Co products are. The soaps feel beautiful on my skin and the scents are so delicious that they make me want to eat them…especially the Fruit & Bubblegum. They also look so stunning. The fruit and bubblegum one is rainbow coloured. 

The ‘Soaked to the Bone’ bath salts smell like heaven too and have been a lovely, relaxing addition to my bath time routine. I am officially in love & highly recommend!

@Beautyisplane / Customer

When I found out the bath salts had a focus on athlete / active recovery I knew they’d be a perfect fit for my routine. I’m a physiotherapist, regular gym go-er and play basketball! My fave is the Epsom & Pink Himalayan one on the days where I’m super sore or stressed and just need that little bit to pick me up. 

@Beautybyhiuy / Customer

Thank you so much for creating a solid coffee soap/scrub that doesn’t crumble but still exfoliates! Means I can get a lot more uses from it!! This soap is so much easier (and less messier) to use than a scrub and my skin feels so nice and smoothe after.

@Juliak68 / Customer

I love the Dirty Skincare Co products! I have been looking for a good vegan soap for ages and these are amazing. They smell amazing and work really well. Definitely recommend!

@NourishwithLaura / Customer

Every other soap bar I’ve ever used has made my skin irritated and left me with some sort of rash. This soap is a game changer! Not only does it smell insanely good, it hasn’t left my skin irritated at all. I even used a little on my face and I didn’t have a reaction. That’s how good this stuff is!

Mikayla / Fruit & Bubblegum Soap
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