The Benefits of Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Oil Sprays & Their Benefits
Magnesium Oil Sprays & Their Benefits Magnesium Oil Sprays are a quick and effective way to replenish the magnesium levels in the body. Their benefits include many aspects of our health, from muscle fatigue & cramps, skin repair & hydration, sleep & relaxation and more. Here are some examples of the benefits that Magnesium Oil [...]

Benefits of Epsom Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt

Benefits of Epsom Salt
The Benefits of Epsom Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt With a variety of salts available on the market, it can be hard to choose the right one that suits all your needs. Which one is the best for me? Currently, Epsom Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt have gained everyone's attention due to the incredible health [...]

The Importance of Recovery After Working Out

The Importance of Recovery after Working out
The Importance of Recovery after Working out We are always lectured on the importance of staying active and exercising regularly to get fit and stay healthy. Many of us dive into an exercise regime headfirst without considering the toll it can take on our bodies. A lot of people follow the mantra, 'No Pain, No [...]

The Essential Skincare Tips Every Man Should Know

The Essential Skincare Tips Every Man Should Know Back in the day, men used to think of being ungroomed as a sign of masculinity. Luckily, things have changed for better now. People are starting to realize that it is as important for men to take care of their skin as it is for women. Just [...]

DIY Beauty Tips for Different Skin Types

DIY Beauty Tips for Different Skin Types There’s no denying in the fact that it can be mind-boggling to find the right skincare products that work the best for your specific skin type and concerns. Your hunt for suitable skincare products can get quite overwhelming with numerous manufacturers launching a myriad of innovative skincare products [...]

Get The Glow: The Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Get the glow: The Best Foods For Healthy Skin It’s no secret that the state of our skin is influenced by the foods that we eat. Why? Because the foods that we eat gets digested for our body to absorb the nutrients, for it to use for various biological purposes. So what are the foods [...]

Benefits of Exercise for Healthy Skin

Let’s face the fact that maintaining healthy and glowing skin isn’t an overnight job. You need the right skincare regime, proper diet, and a healthy body to achieve that dazzling skin. While all of us are well-versed of the incredible effects of exercise on our physical and mental health, not everyone is aware of its skin care benefits.

Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Before the advances of modern day medicine, Essential Oіlѕ were one of mankind’s first mеdісіnеs. For thousands of years priests and physicians from all around the world would use essential oils to treat illnesses among their people, along with preparing the deceased at the time of death. This was first discovered through the teachings of […]

Bath Soak Ingredients & Their Health Benefits

Here at Dirty Skincare Co we understanding how daunting it can be to look at the ingredients list of a product and have no idea what any of it means or does. That is why we believe in educating our customers on exactly what goes into their product and the benefits they stand to achieve. [...]

How & Why You Should Use a Safety Razor

“Walk like a man, talk like a man, shave like a man my son.” Before the days of aerosol shaving foam and the disposable razors, the act of shaving ones face was classified an art form. It was a technique that was taught throughout the ages and was passed down from one generation to the [...]
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