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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please read our FAQ to see if we answer your questions.

    Please be aware, Due to COVID-19 shipping may take longer than stated below. We are working the best we can with Australia Post to ensure you receive your parcel as soon as possible.

    Shipping & Order Enquiries


    How much is shipping?

    We offer a flat shipping rate of $8.95 Australia wide, unless your order exceeds $60 in which postage is free. (This offer is only valid for Australian Customers).

    All International shipping is based on the weight of the products purhcased. 


    How long will delivery take?

    Once the order is placed, please allow 1-2 days for handling. Delivery times are as follows:


    • 1-3 days for QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC,SA.
    • 3-5 days for NT.
    • 3-7 days for TAS.
    • 7-10 days for WA.
    • Please be aware that remote/rural areas may have longer delivery times than metro areas.

    New Zealand

    • 4 – 6 Working Days


    • 6 – 15 Working Days.



    Do you ship to PO Boxes?

    Yes, we ship through Australia Post and a network of couriers who can deliver to PO Boxes.


    Do you ship Internationally?

    We currently ship to a limited amount of international countries. These include : New Zealand, the United States, The United Kingdom and Japan.


    Product Enquiries

    Are your products Australian Made?

    Yes. Our materials and products are 100% Australian sourced and made. Everything we produce is handmade by us in our Brisbane based warehouse.

    Are your products vegan?

    Yes. Our products contain use only the highest quality natural ingredients. We use natural carrier oils, essential oils, clays, butters, and minerals.

    Can I use your products even though I have a skin condition?

    Yes you can. Our products are 100% natural, ethically and sustainably sourced, they contain no fillers and no harmful chemicals. The beauty of natural ingredients is that they are perfect for any type of skin. They are soft and nurturing and provide an array of health benefits. 

    Be sure to read our two articles in the Academy : Health Benefits of Essential Oils Natural Soap Bars & the Healh Benefits.

    What is the shelf life of your products?

    The shelf life of the products vary as they depend on the ingredients used and the enviroment and state the products are stored in. 

    The following  is a general rule of thumb.

    • Natural Soap bars have a shelf life of 12 – 24 months. 
    • Soaks have a shelf life of 24 months.

    If products are kept in a cool and dry location, the shelf life of the products will expand beyong what is previously stated. 

    Do your soaps contain Lye?

    The idea that there is active lye in soap is a misconception. Soapmaking is a form of chemisty because the oils and lye have to go through chemical reaction in order to produce what we know as soap. It’s actually impossible to make soap without lye as an ingredient. Once the saponification process is completed, the lye and oil molecules combine and chemically change into soap and glycerine.  

    The final soap product does NOT contain any lye, but lye was used in the chemical process to create it.


    How long should I bathe for when using your soaks?

    When using our muscle recovery & detox bath soaks, we recommend you bathe for between 20 – 40 minutes to receive the full muscle & body relief benefits. Remember to keep hydrated while bathing as the minerals and ingredients can dehydrate you.