Get The Glow: The Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Get the glow: The Best Foods For Healthy Skin

It’s no secret that the state of our skin is influenced by the foods that we eat. Why? Because the foods that we eat gets digested for our body to absorb the nutrients, for it to use for various biological purposes. So what are the foods that you can eat to get healthy, radiant-looking skin? Some of the best foods for healthy skin are actually more common than you might think.

Brown Rice

We know that carbs can age our skin but the truth is actually refined carbs are the culprit and not the complex ones. Indeed, complex carbohydrates are super beneficial for the skin as it’s rich in minerals such as selenium and fiber that gives the ‘fullness’ feeling in the stomach. The complex structure of the carb also prevents a spike in your blood sugar levels — prevents you from eating too much — and in turn stops your skin from aging faster than necessary.


Eggs are simply the basic and most versatile protein-based foods that you can enjoy – the nutrient is the basic building blocks in the body, and getting enough of this nutrient is essential so your body can use it for repair and build cells, tissues, as well as creating collagen fibers. Get enough protein in your meal (refer to guidance as the requirements are differing by age) and watch how your skin feels firmer and supple.

Green tea

What’s not to love about green tea? The tea contains a high amount of antioxidant polyphenols that we need to neutralize free radicals as well as to heal any inflammation occurring within our skin. You can get the benefits either in the form of tea (no, matcha frappe is not a good choice to get your green tea) or you can use the tea as a toner for your skin to reduce puffiness and gives the skin a healthy glow.

Fatty fish

Any fatty fish — herring, mackerel, salmon — are the good choice for fatty acids that are wonderful for the skin. The nutrient is used to improve the integrity within the skin and keep it supple and moisturized, as well as healing any inflammation on the skin (dry skin, eczema, acne, sunburn to name a few). Not to mention, the fish are also a good source for protein too.


The fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C and contained all major components of carotenoids especially lycopene. We all know the benefits of vitamin C to our skin that is boosting collagen production and repair. As for the antioxidant lycopene, it’s used to heal inflammation, encouraging healthy cell renewal, and neutralizing free radical, prevents premature aging and giving your skin a healthy glow.

The foods listed here are beneficial in their own way and certainly proven for your skin for years. Simply have the foods as the major part of your meal and watch how your skin improved so much better.

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