How & Why You Should Use a Safety Razor

“Walk like a man, talk like a man, shave like a man my son.”

Before the days of aerosol shaving foam and the disposable razors, the act of shaving ones face was classified an art form. It was a technique that was taught throughout the ages and was passed down from one generation to the next. Remember those scenes in the old movies where the father would stand in the bathroom with his son by his side and teach him how to shave?  There was a reason for this. The reason was because shaving properly with a safety razor/straight razor was no simple feat. It was a practice that took preparation, time and precision to master.

Now I know you’re probably saying “why on earth would I want to revert back to how my grandfather used to shave?” And I have several reasons I would like to point out.

Though shaving with a safety razor might seem redundant in today’s fast moving times, the advantages to your face, skin and wallet are numerous.




Where an eight pack of your typical 4-blade razors could cost you over $20 dollars, a 10 pack of double edged razor blades would typically cost no more than 0.25c each. Along with using traditional shaving soap as opposed to chemically manufactured shaving foam, you will find yourself using much less shaving soap than previous thought. Because the use of a badger brush produces a multitude of lather, the traditional shaving soap will much longer than foam from a can.

Skin Benefits

Where a disposable razor has 4 blades that get dirtier and duller with each shave, a safety razor doesn’t because it is only used once. With only using the blade once, there is no contamination with prolonged use or by leaving it in the bathroom or shower over a period of time.

There is also 4 times less possible irritation. When shaving with a multi blade razor, you have 4 or so blades covering the same amount of skin over and over again. Where as you have a single pass with a safety razor.

Safety razors allow you to control the effectiveness of the shave. Because safety razors do not pivot and you are responsible for the angle in which the shave happens, if done correctly, safety razors deliver an unbeatable smooth and close shave. 

How to perform ‘The Perfect Shave’

Step 1) Inspect Your Stubble Pattern.

One bad habit that has originated from years of men not knowing how to shave correctly is shaving against the direction of your hair. When you shave against the grain you increase the chance of ingrown hairs, cutting and damage to the skin. That is why we recommend inspecting your stubble pattern to see how your hair grows before starting.

Step 2) Shower or Exfoliate.

The main purpose of this step is to cleanse the skin, remove any dead skin and lift the hair follicles. This insures a softer and more comfortable shave with less ingrown hairs.

Step 3) Hot Towel (Optional)

Though we have listed this step as optional it can be beneficial to those with stubborn hair. Pressing a hot towel to your face allows the steam to soften the hair follicles which means less fiction and less pressure has to be used.

Step Four) Lather Up

Place a small amount of shaving cream onto the badger brush and disperse evenly on your face. Allow the cream to sit momentarily so that the oils and butters in the cream can soak into the skin.

Step Five) The Shave

Unlike multi blade shaving cartridges that pivot, safety razors and straight razors do not. That is why it is important to learn the proper technique in order to maximise the shave experience.

  • When placing the razor against your face make sure to hold it at a 30 – 40 degree angle. This will insure that you have the closet and smoothest shave.
  • Use as little amount as pressure as possible. The double edged blades are extremely sharp and do not need a lot of pressure when cutting your hair.
  • Shave in short bursts. When shaving with a safety razor, it is recommended that you shave in short sections. Take your time, there is no rush. Don’t be afraid to rinse the razor and clean off the excess hair.
  • As stated before, always, always, always, shave with the grain.

Step Six) The After-Shave

Rinse your face with some cold water to close your pores. 

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