How Much Beard Oil Should I Use?

Growing a beard for the first time is no simple feat and though it might seem daunting at first, the key to a vivacious beard that is the envy of everyone in the room is patience and maintenance. Beards need nutrients the same way our stomachs do and that is where some people surrender the beard-life and opt out for the clean-shaven look.  They forget to feed their beards. That is where Beard oil comes in to play. Beard oil is made up of healthy and powerful carrier and essential oils that hydrate your skin and help replenish the moisture and nutrients to your face. This is because as the hair follicles on your face grow, they feed on all the skins natural oils and once depleted, start to cause dryness and irritation. Beard oils not only eliminate flaky, itchy or shaggy beards, they also help prolong the life of your beard and keep it healthy and smelling fresh.

Usage: Usually the length and thickness of your beard determines how much beard oil you need to use but your usage can also depend on personal factors such as type of skin (dry/oily) and environmental conditions (humid/cold).  As a rule of thumb, a little goes a long way however we also suggest everyone experiment with what feels best for their skin.

Application: First thing to do is to give the bottle a little shake then open it. Most beard oils use one of two methods, an eyedropper or a dripolator tip to distribute the oil. Once open, drop the necessary amount of oil into the palm of your hand and rub your palms together to disperse the oil between both hands.  Then once your hands have the oil on them, rub the oil into your beard. We recommend starting at the bottom of your beard and working up towards the moustache so that nothing is missed.

To make sure the oil is evenly dispersed throughout your facial hair, we recommend using a beard comb or brush. Just like you would with your hair on your head, a comb or brush also helps to unknot and straighten any stubborn hairs in your beard. The following is a rule of thumb. Each person is different so there is no concrete right or wrong amount that can be used.

  • (5 o’clock shadow – 1 month)       3 – 4 drops
  • (1 – 3 months)                                   4 – 6 drops
  • (3 – 12 months)                                 6 – 10 drops
  • (12months +)                                     10 + drops

We recommend applying the beard oil once or twice a day, preferably after showers.

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