Magnesium & Pink Himalayan | Sports Recovery Bath Soak

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Premium Sports Recovery

Bring your muscles back from the dead with our Premium Sports Recovery Bath Soak. Specially formulated, the Magnesium Sulfate & Pink Himalayan Salt work together to replenish the body with the essential minerals and nutrients needed to promote healthy skin, muscles & bones. The essential oils of Lavender, Peppermint & Eucalypts help to boost circulation through the muscles along with acting as an anti-inflammatory, leaving your muscles soothed and refreshed.

The Importance of Magnesium

If you are someone who works out regularly, magnesium is definitely an electrolyte you don’t want to be lacking. When you exercise your body’s magnesium levels drop rapidly. This is because Magnesium is an electrolyte that is involved in numerous processes that affect muscle function including oxygen uptake, energy production and electrolyte balance.

Magnesium also helps your body convert glycogen into glucose, which is important for muscle function and recovery. If there isn’t enough magnesium in the body to do this, the body moves into anaerobic metabolism, which leads to a build-up of lactic acid in the muscles, which has the potential to cause fatigue and painful muscles.

When you take a magnesium bath after a workout, the minerals in the water are absorbed through your skin and into the body. As a result, blood magnesium levels are replenished and help to relax muscles, reduce cramping and spasms. They also restore red blood cells and help to reduce inflammation.

Magnesium is an important part of brain-health, heart heath, muscle contraction, bone strength & energy production.

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