Pink Himalayan & Magnesium | Relax & Rejuvenate Bath Soak

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Relax & Rejuvenate

Set yourself a hot bath and free your mind and body with the calming benefits of our Relax & Rejuvenate Bath Soak.

Designed to nurture the muscles while providing a rejuvenating & deep cleanse, the combination of Pink Himalayan & Magnesium Sulfate help to draw toxins from the body while stimulating circulation and restoring hydration.

The Lavender, Sweet Orange & Bergamot Essential oils create a euphoric atmospheric blend, not only rich in scent, but also rich in antioxidants & anti-bacterial properties.

De-Stress & Relax – Taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body. That is why Relax & Rejuvenate utilises the benefits of its Lavender, Sweet Orange & Bergamot Essential Oils to soothe, not only your muscles, but also your mind.

✔ Muscle Recovery – Specially formulated with a blend of high quality Pink Himalayan Salt & Magnesium Sulfate, our Relax & Rejuvenate Bath Soak is finely tailored towards soothing and rejuvenating your muscles while restoring minerals and vitamins to your body.

✔ Moisturizing – Delivering an array of antioxidants & vitamins, the rich blend of Olive Oil & Coconut Oil is easily absorbed into the body, leaving you with healthier, softer, and silky-smooth skin.

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